Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 18 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE LEONGATHA WILSONS PROMONTORY FOSTER TOORA PORT WELSHPOOL PORT ALBERT YARRAM S O U T H G I P P S L A N D H I G H W A Y HODDLE ROAD S O U T H G I P P S L A N D H I G H W A Y HODDLE ROAD MAIN STREET MAIN STREET F I S H C R E E K - F O S T E R R O A D Police FOSTER WELCOME TO 3960 WHIPSTICK GULLY NATURAL FEATURES RESERVE FOSTER RECREATION RESERVE TO LEONGATHA & INVERLOCH NEW ZEALAND HILL NATURE CONSERVATION RESERVE TO WILSON’S PROMONTORY TO PORT ALBERT Scan here for full detailed map Distance fromMelbourne: 174km Population: 1670 approx. Amenities: One hotel and several dining options, region hospital, bank and postal facilities, fuel, supermarkets, rail trail and fauna reserve. Surrounded by charming loveliness With its scenic beauty, views of the surrounding area and its proximity to Wilsons Promontory and mountain areas inland, Foster is a popular destination for visitors near and far. Originally named Stockyard Creek, Foster was once a stopover for drovers travelling through from Port Albert. A gold rush on the area began in the 1860s when loggers discovered, quite by accident, a rich strain of gold. Registered as ‘the Great Uncertainty’, the gold proved to be a very rich find. The gold and the rush on it continued right through to the 1930s. Now, with its location right in the very heart of Prom Country, Foster is the main shopping centre for the area. Blessed with magnificent beaches, ancient forests, rich soil, abundant rainfall and vibrant, caring communities, it is a short drive from other popular attractions including Shallow and Corner inlets, the spectacular beaches of Sandy Point and Waratah Bay and the beautiful Agnes Falls. With all this at its doorstep, Foster’s population can increase by as much as two and a half fold due to tourism during summer, though it’s just as beautiful the rest of the year. The rolling hills north of Foster are a delight to behold.