Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 18 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE LEONGATHA WILSONS PROMONTORY FOSTER PORT WELSHPOOL PORT ALBERT YARRAM The Prom at its breathtaking best Explore inaccessible areas with breathtaking views of The Prom’s rainforests, beaches, wildlife and coastal landscapes all from the comfort of a helicopter with Promhelis. Located in Yanakie, the gateway town to The Prom, an exhilarating flight with Promhelis is a must do when visiting the area. Through the creation of Promhelis, pilots, Jarrod Danahay and Steve Erickson, can share their passion for flight and the spectacular landscapes of Wilsons Promontory and South Gippsland. Their helicopter flights provide a smooth, comfortable and safe platform from which to experience unparalleled views of the world below. Both Jarrod and Steve are keen aviators with dreams of flying beginning from a very young age. Jarrod’s childhood dream to become a pilot took to the skies on his 16th birthday, even before he could drive. Over the following years, the aviation bug led to both commercial helicopter and aeroplane licences and a vast range of flying experience, including coastal and remote outback operations. Steve has had a lifelong fascination for ‘all things aviation’ and is a passionate and informed communicator as a pilot and an environmental leader. Working professionally in the environmental management field for more than 25 years, he enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and experience of the stunning southernmost tip of the Australian mainland around The Prom. Wilsons Promontory was chosen as the company’s base to showcase the rugged beauty of the natural environment in all its forms. Scenic flight options with Promhelis can be as short as eight minutes, taking in the views of the coast and pristine beaches of Shallow and Corner inlets, and up to 45 minutes for more intensive helicopter viewing of The Prom including Squeaky Beach, Oberon Bay, Skull Rock, South Point, Waterloo Bay, Sealers Cove, Corner Inlet and the light station at The Prom’s southernmost tip. A scenic flight with Promhelis makes for an excellent gift idea with a difference. Any of the flights can be gifted as experiences never to be forgotten. Speak to the team about a gift certificate to give to a friend or loved one, or even better, suggest to your friends to get one for you! Get out and above it all with sensational views of The Prom and beyond with Promhelis. &"/ & )'%'&+')/ ' & #" ()'%! $"* '% , $" '(+ ) * &" $" !+* )"- + ! )+ ) "& )/ .( )" & *