Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 22 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE PORT ALBERT YARRAM CENTRAL GIPPSLAND LOCH SPORT SALE MAFFRA STRATFORD BAIRNSDALE O L DMA N S B E AC HR D STAWELLST OL D S A L E R D TANNERYRD TA N N ER Y RD P O RTAL BE R T T A R R A VI LL E R D YA R R A M P O R T A LB ERT R D SO UTHGIPPSL A NDHWY TA R R A V I L L E RD W H A R F S T O LD P O R T F OR ES H O RERD S OU T H S T V I C T O R I A S T O L DP O R T RD MCMILLAN BAY BLACKBERRY BIGHT STOCKYARD POINT ROBERTSONS BEACH TARRAVILLE SEABANK PORT ALBERT WELCOME TO 3971 NOORAMUNGA MARINE & COASTAL PARK NOORAMUNGA MARINE & COASTAL PARK SUNDAY ISLAND CLONMET ISLAND Scan here for full detailed map Distance fromMelbourne: 232km Population: 250 approx. Amenities: Accommodation options include bed and breakfasts and self-contained cottages. RV facilities are located close to the township and boat ramp for a convenient overnight stopover point for caravans and campers. One of Victoria’s oldest seapor ts Now a peaceful seaside town, Port Albert was the major supply port for the area’s pioneers until 1878 when the Melbourne to Sale railway line was completed. Established in 1841, it is one of Victoria’s oldest seaports. The present town’s collection of Georgian and Victorian style heritage buildings, with a number of the old buildings lovingly restored, represents a time when many migrants from Europe, America and China docked at Port Albert on their way to the goldfields. A number of buildings built during the town’s heyday are well worth a visit and include the General Store and Bond Store, both established in 1856, and the ‘Rocket Shed’, built in 1876 to house life saving equipment and now functioning as an information centre for visitors. Another notable structure is the Bank of Victoria, built on the corner of Wharf Street and Bay Street in 1861. It now houses the Port Albert Maritime Museum. But the town is not just an historic wonderland. The protected inland waters around Corner Inlet and the Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park make the area an angler’s, birdwatcher’s and diver’s paradise. The waters have always provided fine catches of rock flathead, silver bream and garfish in winter, with King George whiting, pike, calamari and gummy shark in summer. Free RV facilities make Port Albert a convenient overnight stopover point for caravans and campers. Port Albert’s main wharf is surrounded by waters protected from the wilds of Bass Strait by barrier islands.