Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 32 | LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE ROSEDALE Enjoy fabulous food, flora and a friendly welcome A stop in Rosedale is always a must. With eclectic cafés and friendly locals, the town is a fun place for the whole family to explore. Here you'll find life-sized statues of famous racehorses, historical At Café 3847 & Co in Rosedale, you can sip on amazing coffee and enjoy a delicious, freshly-prepared meal or snack. buildings throughout the whole town, and lots of cafés, where you can enjoy a coffee, a snack or meal, and more. Cafés and bakeries At Café 3847 & Co you can sip on amazing coffee and dine on delicious, freshly-prepared food while perusing a wonderfully quirky display of arts and crafts. If you're in the mood for something on the 'fancy' side, the Victoria Rose Tea Rooms – tucked-in behind walls of lavender and roses – offers an impressive High Tea that is sure to delight even the most discerning of diners. To tide you over while you're on the road, be sure to stop by the Rosedale Bakery, where – among other things – you can grab what has been hailed as one of Gippsland's best vanilla slices. Holey Plains State Park After you've eaten your fill, head out of town to Holey Plains State Park, which was once a squatting run, taken up by the Crooke family in the 1840s. You can see the Crooke homestead in the northern part of the park, surrounded by colourful springtime blooms. These days, Holey Plains is home to abundant flora and wildlife. Several endangered species live here, including the Powerful Owl, and a rare native plant called the Wellington Mint Bush. This plant's only known populations are in Holey Plains State Park and the nearby Dutson Downs. Look for its deep mauve flowers in springtime. The leafy gardens at Rosedale’s Victoria Rose Tea Rooms. Photo: Wellington Shire PB13871