Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 41 Inspired by our Rivers @ centralgippsland PORT ALBERT YARRAM CENTRAL GIPPSLAND LOCH SPORT SALE MAFFRA STRATFORD BAIRNSDALE Rivers - swim across them, paddle along them, wade through them, or simply immerse yourself in them, and use their cooling waters as your base for reading a book, playing with your toddlers or chatting with friends. If you love rivers that trickle over rocks, surge through the bush, are wide and deep and slowly meander through the countryside, than you really need to visit Central Gippsland. The Avon River rises on the slopes of Mount Wellington and reaches its mouth to form Lake Wellington east of Sale after flowing through Stratford. In flood it is a force to be reckoned with, but in calmer times, pop in a kayak at Weirs Crossing and enjoy a gentle pad- dle around its depths. The Macalister River defines the village of Licola, which is set on its banks, and cuts striking landscapes all along its course. It rises below Mount Howitt in the Great Dividing Range and reaches its confluence with the Thomson River south of Maffra, where there is even a pub named after it. Again, kayaks are a great way of exploring this great waterway. The Thomson River, which rises below Newlands at the north western end of the Baw Baw Plateau reaches its confluence with the Latrobe River near Sale. It is perhaps best explored with Port of Sale Heritage Cruises, which will take you down the Thomson to the Swing Bridge, the only bridge of its kind operating in Australia. Its banks are home to koalas, azure kingfishers, rufous night heron and cattle egret, just to name a few, and you will learn all about the ancient and modern history of the region as you cruise. And don’t miss the beauty and allure of the Dargo River in the High Country. Just north of the Dargo township, the most charming campsites dot the banks of the Dargo River, which burbles across perfectly smooth, round stones and provides the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing, switched-off holiday. Feel the rivers trickle and surge Central Gippsland boasts numerous stunning rivers waiting to be explored, like the Thomson River, which rises on the Baw Baw Plateau and runs through to the Gippsland Lakes.