Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 51 Quality build from the ground up Blay Builders’ housing products are, in the main, very unique and very different. Yes, there are some homes out there that look like a Blay’s home, but that’s where any similarity ends. The team at Blay Builders believes that they give new homeowners the best value for money and invite prospec- tive buyers to compare some of the standard Blay inclusions to those of other builders. If your home site is relatively flat, a concrete slab (Raft slab) may serve as the most suitable foundation. A Blay’s slab is concrete and 100mm thick. Other builders may feel an 85mm slab is adequate or use a “waffle pod” (substituting roofing iron and tiles) with sisolation and install not one but two solar hot water pan- els, increasing capacity from 160 litres to 325 litres. B & D Doors Panelift or roller doors are a standard inclusion in a Blay home, with the premium collection being their standard. And to ensure a truly profes- sional finish, their standard specification includes three coats of quality paint. Right up there with the best of the best, Blay Builders can provide peace of mind in the knowledge that the home you move into is completed to standards that are, on the whole, above those of many other builders. over half the concrete with foam boxes), but Blays don’t believe that you or your home should settle on anything less. Others feel 600mm centres for wall frame studs are adequate, but Blay studs are spaced with 450mm centre providing stronger and more stable frames. Ceiling battens are used in large open areas for more support to fix ceiling plaster, but a Blay home has ceiling battens installed throughout the entire house. Their standard is to insulate under the entire roof (under You’ll sleep well in a Blay Builders home, knowing you’re surrounded by solid workmanship. CAMBRIDGE SERIES 2 26 HAMPTON Visit our Display Home at 22 Verdell St, Shannon Waters, Bairnsdale Victoria Tuesday - Saturday 12noon - 5pm. Monday & Sunday by appointment. Contact our Main Office/Showroom on (03) 5152 1377 for further information. 5/212 Princes Highway, Lucknow Victoria. Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm. 4 Bedrooms I 2 Bathrooms I Family/Living I Double Garage Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date on our current custom designs