Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 80 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE TAMBO RIVER TAMBO RIVER T A M B O R I V E R NI CH OL S O N RI V ER LAKE KING JONES BAY P R I N CES H W Y P R I N CE S HWY P R I N C E S H W Y PRINCES HWY S AR S F I E L D R D S T E P H EN S O N S R D W A DDE LL S RD TA M B O UP P E R R D MOSSI FA CE SWAN REACH R D M E T U N G R D M E T U N G R D M E T U N G R D ROS H E R VIL L E RD N U N G U R N E R R D SAR S FI E L D TAM B O U U P PER RD OLIVER RD L I D DE LS R D JOHNSONVILLE WELCOME TO 3902 SWAN REACH WELCOME TO 3903 NICHOLSON WELCOME TO 3882 BAIRNSDALE TO BRUTHEN TO BUMBERRAH TO LAKES ENTRANCE TO METUNG TO PAYNESVILLE TO 2.6 km 8.6 km Distance fromMelbourne: 300km approx. Distance from Sydney: 722km approx. Attractions: Fishing and boating, East Gippsland Rail Trail, road cycling, swimming, wineries, fruit farm, food trail, horse riding and monthly old time dance. Amenities: Hotels, camping and caravan parks and other accommodation, general stores, boat ramps and fuel.