Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 84 | LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE LAKES ENTRANCE A little gem in East Gippsland, Nyerimilang Park is a popular visitor attraction near the resort towns of Metung and Lakes Entrance. The park has a colourful and fascinating history dating back to 1884. Originally, the park was used as a base for fishing and shooting holidays at the Gippsland Lakes. Over the years, several owners have enjoyed residing at Nyerimilang, resulting in the beautiful homestead and gardens that we see today. The Victorian Government eventually purchased the property in 1976 for future generations to enjoy. Perched on a clifftop, with wonderful views across the Gippsland Lakes, the historic Nyerimilang Homestead is surrounded by a delightful garden. The homestead provides an insight into yesteryear with its polished wooden floors, classic period furniture, antique piano, photographs, drawings, ornaments, brick fireplace, wood fire oven and historic kitchen appliances. You can also explore the old shearing sheds and farmer's cottage, as well as other farm buildings and historic equipment. Here you can enjoy a picnic and take a scenic walk along bush and farm tracks, between Kurrajong trees, through wetland areas and around the East Gippsland Garden. There are numerous picnic tables, as well as an information shelter, toilets and barbecues. The park is run by Parks Victoria, and the historic homestead is coordinated by the Friends of Nyerimilang. Both are open every day, all year round. To find out more, visit A fascinating view of yesteryear and beyond The historic Nyerimilang Park and Homestead is perched on a bushy escarpment, with magnificent views across the Gippsland Lakes. Perched upon a cli昀 above the Gippsland Lakes, Nyerimilang Park is a heritage treasure. Take a scenic walk through the property’s bush tracks and enjoy a picnic in the garden. Find out more at Visit a historic homestead Nyerimilang Park Gippsland Lakes PB14621