Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 122 | LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE BERMAGUI Bermagui is a small, vibrant and picturesque coastal village located in the Bega Valley Shire at the northern end of the Sapphire Coast. Nestled on the shores of the southern end of Horseshoe Bay – under the shadow of Gulaga Mountain (Mt Dromedary) – Bermagui is a coastal haven that borders on perfection, surrounded by magnificent scenery, national parks, state forests, pristine beaches, dazzling ocean and stunning coastline. Its name is derived from the Dyirringanj word, permageua, possibly meaning 'canoe with paddles'. Lots to see and do Every year, Bermagui's breathtaking scenery, diverse range of attractions and services, and a unique mix of events, arts and music culture, attract many thousands of visitors from around Australia and overseas. Bermagui is famous for its deep sea and game fishing, including yellow fin tuna and marlin, and estuary fishing in the surrounding rivers and lakes. If you enjoy fishing, consider taking a charter, hire a boat or launch your own, or simply find a nice spot on the shore and throw in a line. Thanks to the pristine beaches and safe shallow waterways to be found in Bermagui and its surrounds, water sports are always high on the agenda with locals and visitors, with favourites including swimming, surfing, sailing, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and diving. Don't miss the world-renowned and award-winning Blue Pool, Horse Head Rock and Camel Rock, or take a guided tour of the historic Montreal Goldfield, Australia's only seaside goldfield. And if you enjoy a hit of golf, there's a fabulous 18-hole course in Bermagui at the Bermagui Country Club in Tuross Street. A coastal haven with breathtaking scenery Eat it up If you like your food, you'll love Bermagui! You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of dining styles, ranging from a la carte, and bistro style pub and club meals, to pizza, vegetarian, casual cafés, waterside eateries and wine bars. Stay a while Bermagui also has a wide variety of accommodation from which to choose. To find out more about all the wonderful sights of Bermagui and surrounds, pop by the Bermagui Visitor Information Centre in Bunga Street or visit Bermagui features one of the best natural seawater swimming pools in the world – The Blue Pool. TASMAN SEA BEARES BEACH HORSESHOE BAY BEACH DICKINSON POINT BERMAGUI POINT MOORHEADS BEACH KEATING HEADLAND TASMAN SEA TATHRA BERMAGUI RD BUNGA ST LAMONT ST WALLAGA LAKE RD LAMONT ST SCENIC DRIVE PACIFIC DRIVE MURRAH ST MURRAH ST NUTLEYS CREEK RD WAPENGO ST BERMAGUI LAGOON BERMAGUI RIVER BERMAGUI HARBOUR DICKINSON PARK TATHRA TO COBARGO & WALLAGA LAKE TO MURRAH STATE FOREST BERMAGUI STATE FOREST bermagui 2546 Welcome to Scan here for full detailed map Distance from Melbourne: 648km Distance from Sydney: 381km Population: 1298 approx. Attractions: Diving, snorkelling, sur ng and swimming and an 18-hole golf course, The Bermagui Market and the Montreal Gold eld. Amenities: There are a couple of accommodation options available and eateries selling fresh, local seafood.