Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 122 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE For more information or to view more events throughout the lakes coast region, visit www.east vic s MARKET DAYS your market day guide for east gippsland and the lakes coast All event details are correct at time of publication. For full event details or more events throughout the Lakes Coast, please visit the local Visitor Information Centres. iday of the Month ry F er Ev sday of the Month July) (except June & et ers Mark woGr Whar s ’men magui Fisher Ber 7pm 3pm - Thur y er Ev magui Ber eet, amont Str L f st Sunday of the Month continued ’ Mark mers ar iety & F arV Maffra 1pm 9am et umbunna Bush Mark J 1pm - 9am et andelo Mark C 2.30pm 1 8.30am - Fir ohnson St, Maffra J et umbunna Main Hall, J wnship oT andelo C day of the Month et y Mark awane go L Cobar 1pm - 8am ur y Sat er Ev ) 0192 ebr 8 - F 1 ember 30, 20 v (No wilight Te uar an Sq Meeniy 4pm et Mark den Home P thouse Gar Cour 1pm 0am - 1 et oduce Mark r Bega P 1pm - 8am go Main St, Cobar an Meeniy eet, w Str Whitela uary 1, et Mark ramarY eet, 9 Rodgers Str oduce r Bega dens, Littleton Gar day of the Month 8am - ur Second Sat sday of the Month eek Mark an Midw Meeniy 2pm 0am - 1 Thur d Thir y er Ev et e Mark eshor orF f Club es Entrance Sur akL 3pm - 9am - eek, Coal Cr an Meeniy eet, w Str Whitela et e eshor orF es Entrance akL day of the Month Summer) y dur da ery Satur v et (e Mark oduce r tisans & P Mallacoota Ar Noon 8am - ur st Sat Fir y Sunday of the Month et ak Mark ongw K 3pm 0am - 1 er Ev vilion ak P icBr Mallacoota Mud ing ak ongw eet, K Str e & Sheds, Main Stor ak General ongw K iday and Sat Second F es Island Craft Mark wCo 2pm - 9am . alendar h. See C cMar une only) Ex et (October - J Mark e Lions Club High Country Omeoshir 1pm - 9am et ’ Mark mers ar Metung F 2.30pm 1 8.30am - ’ Mark mers ar eek F Coal Cr 2.30pm 1 day of the Month enue v Thompson A ish Hall, ar St Phillips P et dens Gar thouse Omeo Cour cept Metung een, Village Gr ra umbur orK et et Heyfield Mark 1pm - 8am et Lions Den Mark 1pm - 8am et ’ Mark mers arF ra South Gippsland arwoonK 2.30am 1 8.30 - ’ Mark mers ar East Gippsland F Noon 8am - Heyfield ark, ial P Memor es vea ohn Gr J oora T etty Road, oora J T raarwoonK e, iv oala Dr K Secondary College nsdale Bair et Second Sunday of the Month et ambula Rotary Mark P 1pm - 8am et Rosedale Country Mark 1.30pm 8am - y only) da il - Satur (Apr San Remo Cuppa and Chat Mark noon 9am - r ounds Gr eation ambula Recr P e, Rosedale Reserv eet ince Str rP arade P ine h, Mar c Chur s St Augustine’ et ur st Sunday of the Month et iety Mark arV ram arY 1pm - 8am Fir aul Garage Sale Vincent de P St 0.30am 1 9am - Scout Hall ram Guide and arY Maffra elly Sheds, k K acJ Craft & Collectables Mark ambula Robin Hood Service Club P 1pm - 8am et ambula Craft Mark P 1pm - 8am wn Hall oT ambula P et e Masonic Centr ambula P