Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 13 PHILLIP ISLAND WONTHAGGI INVERLOCH LEONGATHA WILSONS PROMONTORY FOSTER PORT ALBERT Jazz for the young and young at hear t Head to the beautiful seaside town of Inverloch this coming March and hear the magic of jazz as the town celebrates its 26th annual Inverloch Jazz Festival over the Labour Day long weekend, March 8 to 11, 2019. The festival is a community-based event, offering a long weekend of jazz, from Friday night through to Monday’s free concert in the glade. More than 40 bands and hundreds of artists will play over the three days and nights of the festival including all jazz genres from swing, trad, bebop and Latin to progressive, big band and more. Bands will perform in comfortable venues that are conveniently close together in the centre of town so it will be easy to walk from one to the next. New for the 2019 festival is ‘Discover Jazz’. What is jazz? How does it differ from classical or pop music? What’s special about its musical structure? What are the various genres, when did they evolve and why are they different? Learn all this and more with presentations from highly experienced musicians. To add to the festive vibe, gourmet local wine and produce will be available with local producers showcasing their food and fine wine, all washed down with a good dose of jazz. The Saturday Community Grand Parade is a highlight, known for its colourful cars, banners and musicians. Why not join in the free picnic on the Monday in The Glade down by the town’s foreshore? All in all, Inverloch’s jazz festival is a most enjoyable event for the entire family. It provides an opportunity to enjoy amazing music from artists at the top of their field along with great food and wine in a landscape of river and ocean beaches. The atmosphere will be eclectic magic. Tickets are available online (consider taking advantage of the early bird prices outlined on the website) or at the ticketing desk during the weekend. Get set to enjoy great local food and wine all washed down with a good dose of jazz music at the 26th Inverloch Jazz Festival in March.