Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 14 | LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE WILSONS PROMONTORY With their sheer size and power, whales have captivated onlookers for centuries. These magnificent creatures are now on the southerly stage of their annual migration, and can be spotted along Australia’s east coast. One place to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of whales in the wild, is Wilsons Promontory. Located in the stunning south-east corner of Victoria, The Prom, as it is affectionately known, offers a rugged and picturesque backdrop for this remarkable natural phenomenon. With its towering cliffs, remote islands, and turquoise coves, it is a haven for wildlife and a paradise for explorers. To fully appreciate the wonders of The Prom and get even closer to nature, a whale-watching cruise with Wildlife Coast Cruises is an absolute must. Departing from Port Welshpool, these springtime boat tours offer a chance to encounter whales, dolphins, and seals in their natural habitat. Humpback whales on this part of their journey are often accompanied by their young calves, and can be seen engaging in various fascinating behaviours, from breaching and tail slapping, to fin slapping and head lunging. Pods of dolphins, including the Common and Bottlenose species also grace these coastal waters. These intelligent mammals are known to frolic alongside the cruiser, providing fantastic photographic opportunities. Wildlife Coast Cruises will guide you through a range of habitats that form part of Victoria’s largest coastal national park. Remote islands can be found dotted off the coast, some providing a home to local fur seals. An abundance of birdlife can often be seen, such as whitebellied sea eagles, Australasian gannets and albatross. Tranquil coves, such as Refuge, and Little Waterloo Bay, feature sparkling turquoise waters and a serene beauty. It is important to note that this remarkable opportunity to witness the annual whale migration is only available during springtime with Wildlife Coast Cruises. So, mark your calendar and gather your family and camera to capture these unique moments. A springtime Wilsons Promontory cruise with Wildlife Coast Cruises promises both an educational experience, and a deep connection with the marvels of nature. To book or find out more, visit Encounter whales, wildlife and coastal wonders (Pictured clockwise from top left): A magnificent albatross. A breaching humpback whale. Playful dolphins are a regular sight. PB13957