Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 28 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE PORT ALBERT YARRAM WOODSIDE LOCH SPORT SALE MAFFRA STRATFORD BAIRNSDALE Weekend festival of peace and love Peace and love descend on Yarram and Port Albert this year over Easter as the theme for the 2019 Tarra Festival. The theme harkens backs to 1972 when the Tarra Festival started. The late 1960s and early 70s were the era of the counter culture, flower power, hippies, the Beatles, peace marches and music festivals. It was a free, optimistic and colourful time, which will flow through this year’s festival, as will the current community’s hopes of harmony and togeth- erness in the face of current tough times on the land. Tarra Festival 2019 runs from April 18 to 23 with more than 50 events run by local community groups and the Tarra Festival committee. Starting with an author’s talk on the Thursday, Good Friday features a range of sporting and recreation events, then on Saturday there’ll be street markets on the main street of Yarram, as well as a range of street entertainment and treats for youngsters. The street parade kicks off at 11am and typically features more than 100 floats, dancers, vehicles, horses, tanks, penny This will all lead into a monster free fireworks over the water at Port Albert on Sunday evening, accompanied by a beautiful water lantern ceremony where the public can write on their lanterns all their worries, light them, and send them out into Bass Strait forever. Monday’s focus will be on the Monster Markets, which attract more than 300 vendors, plus a range of other community activities happening too. Across the whole weekend will be the renowned Rotary Art Show as well as exhibitions at the Courthouse Gallery, Historical Society, Family History and Genealogy and others. The Tarra Festival is one of the few remaining country fes- tivals of its size in Australia and it prides itself on most events being free or very low cost. The Tarra Festival isn’t just for families though - there’s plenty to do for singles and older couples. If you’re looking for something to do this Easter, go to the Tarra Festival in Yarram and Port Albert. farthings, lawn mowers, mobili- ty scooters and sundry animals making their way over nearly one kilometre of parade route. Street entertainment and music continues through the afternoon along with the markets and a range of food vendors. Down at the recreation reserve in the afternoon is the Lion’s Family Fun Day, including tank rides and a range of fami- ly activities and carnival rides. Saturday evening will see a night time carnival and concert in the recreation reserve aimed particularly at young adults and teens. On Sunday, in addition to Pancakes in the Park, stableford golf, social dancing and other events throughout the area, activities will focus on Port Albert. Starting with the Port Albert Markets, the action will then move to an entertainment program where children can participate in and learn circus skills, singing, dancing, mime and magic, to put together performances that they can do on the stage with a profes- sional children’s entertainment troupe. There will also be music, Easter egg hunts, a wellbeing expo, food stalls, a pram race, boat races, canoe races and come and try fishing as well as the Port Albert Maritime Museum exhibits. Be prepared for a weekend of peace and love at this year’s Tarra Festival. 322-340 Commercial Road, Yarram, VIC 3971. Phone 03 5182 5399 • Lunch and Dinner 7 days • Bowls, Tennis and frequent, special entertainment • Modern and comfortable facilities • Great atmosphere with friendly staff • Courtesy bus on weekends