Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

PAGE 54 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE For the BEST prints from your phone and camera see Shannon Davis at Yeates Media Photo Lab Order in-store at your local newspaper 65 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale 3875 505 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance 3909 122 Nicholson Street, Orbost 3888 If you have photos on your mobile phone or camera and wish to turn them into prints, call Shannon on (03) 5150 2356 or visit to order online Print from our kiosks with your camera or from social media 65 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale VIC 3875 (03) 5150 2300 STRATFORD BAIRNSDALE PAYNESVILLE WATTLE POINT BRUTHEN TWIN RIVERS METUNG LAKES ENTRANCE To ensure a safe return from your caravanning holiday, prepare yourself and the van well. Photo: Visit Victoria Take your home along with you Perfect spots to set up camp with a caravan are dotted right around the Lakes Coast region. Whether you’re looking for a spot beside a river or beach, a getaway in the hills, or something close to the centre of town, there’s always somewhere to pull in with a caravan to set yourself up for a holiday in your own accommodation. But travelling with a caravan in tow comes with responsibilities. For the safety of both the holidaymaker and others on the road, caravans should be checked regularly for wear and tear, ensuring that everything on and in the van and towing mechanism is in good working order. Ensure your vehicle has the power to tow your van. As well as your caravan, your car should be serviced before hitting the road for a well-deserved holiday. If you are new to caravanning, it’s a good idea to practice with shorter trips before planning any long getaways. Reversing with a van can be difficult, so practice this, too. Have someone help you with this. Don’t try to do it alone if you can help it. When you are out on the open road, make sure to leave more space than usual between you and the vehicle in front to allow for more stopping time and distance, and keep to the left to allow others to pass when safe. Reduce the chance of the caravan swaying by making sure the load is distributed evenly and be careful in poor conditions, high winds or when passing or being overtaken by larger vehicles as this increases a caravan’s risk of sway. To help you get out on your holiday safely, or if you find yourself in need of assistance while on the road, the team at Bairnsdale Caravan Repairs and Service Centre in Bairnsdale, can help you out. They are also a good point of call for any tips on how to get the most out of your caravanning holiday.