Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 59 Radin Studio Gallery Eggcraft Galley Traditional oil & pastel paintings Uniquely designed eggshell craft Sculptured Flora Resident artist Helen F. Radin Open Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. Otherwise by appointment. Group bookings welcome. 9 Beckley Court, Bairnsdale (03) 5152 5865 ART GALLERIES Ar t that’s inspiring and engaging Open to bold ideas, different ways of seeing and championing the visual arts and artists in their region, the team at East Gippsland Art Gallery is passionate about engaging and inspiring the next generation of art lovers in the communi- ty. Every month the gallery hosts exhibi- tion openings, artist talks, events and art workshops for adults and children. March will see two very different East Gippsland artists, landscape artist, Deirdre Jack, and street artist, Tracey Waddell. The paintings in Deirdre’s Remembered Landscapes exhibition, March 1-30, speak of the patterns in nature that are repeated and the dialogue between colour and mood. Some have the imme- diacy of plein air paintings and others are drawn from memory, with a deep consciousness for the layers of the land. Also showing March 1-30, Tracey’s Evolutionary brings her quirky styling to a series of mixed media works exploring the adaption of creatures to their environment with human intervention. Press play on Code Breakers: Women in Games , an exciting interactive touring show from the Australia Centre for Moving Images, during April and May. This is the first Australian exhibition to celebrate the achievements of women working in the games industry - whether it’s making commercial hits or indie titles, these women know games, contributing as directors, programmers, developers, artists, writers, producers and designers. Visit the gallery’s website for up to date information on workshops and artist talks associated with these exhibitions. Then from May 24 to July 6, Southeast NOW showcases 15 Koori contempo- rary artists working across a range of mediums. The East Gippsland Art Gallery Shop stocks a diverse range of works by local artists and the friendly staff is able to provide visitors with information about other arts venues, artists and art and cultural activities in the region. CHARMING EGGSHELL ART For unique artworks all based on the humble egg, visit Radin Studio Gallery, which you’ll find tucked away in the back streets of Bairnsdale. Resident artist, Helen Radin’s fascination with eggshell art started more than 20 years ago when she began with the more traditional eggshell craft of Fabergé eggs. However she soon found the Fabergé style somewhat restrictive for her artistic abilities and developed her own unique skills using whole and broken eggs, air-dried clay, textiles and other wonderful embellish- ments such as gems and natural feathers. Her creations utilise a variety of differ- ent eggshells including large ostrich and emu eggs, eggs from peacocks, geese and tiny dove eggs, brought to life with embellishments with astounding results. Themes of fantasy and real life adorn the walls and cabinets of the gallery. Her most recent theme has been the crowns and tiaras of monarchs, tsars and popes of the past. Among her creations are papal tiaras, recreated with domes of ostrich eggs. Helen’s artistic talents also extend to beautiful oil and pastel paintings that line the walls of the gallery. Frances Harrison’s Warm Holes will be among the pieces on show at East Gippsland Art Gallery this autumn. Discover eggshell art wonders at Radin Studio Gallery.