Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

OPEN: THURSDAY - SUNDAY 10AM - 3PM 61 Main Street, Bruthen 3885 | P: (03) 5157 5381 E: | Find us on STOCKING FINE ART AND CRAFT - glassware, paintings, prints, handmade journals, ceramics, textiles, jewellery and more “SUMMER SPECIAL” exhibition highlighting the diversity and quality of local art and craft LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 65 ART GALLERIES Radin Studio Gallery Eggcraft Galley Traditional oil & pastel paintings Uniquely designed eggshell craft Sculptured Flora Resident artist Helen F. Radin Open Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. Otherwise by appointment. Group bookings welcome. 9 Beckley Court, Bairnsdale (03) 5152 5865 Summer of dynamic creations An Art and Culture Award finalist in the 2018 East Gippsland Business Awards, Amegilla Gallery, Bruthen, was established in 2016 to showcase the artistic creations of East Gippsland’s dynamic arts community. Summer will see a mix of local talents gracing the walls and displays at the gallery. Summer Exhibition Time will run from November 29 to February 24, opening on Saturday, December 1. This group exhibition by local artists comes in time for visitors to select a unique gift for Christmas – or any other special occasion. East Gippsland artists have a well-earned reputation for fine quality artwork and this exhibition has something for everyone. Blue – bands, bees and other things will run from February 15 to 24 to celebrate ‘blue’ at the Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival (February 15 to 17) with mini artworks contained within a CD cover. Two established artists, Caroline Corr and Susan Tufnell, will exhibit Animalia at Amegilla from February 28 to March 24. Their animal paintings are sure to be well received. Amegilla Gallery is another reason to stop in beautiful Bruthen, have lunch at one of the many venues and experience some of the best artwork created in the region. CHARMING EGGSHELL ART For unique artworks all based on the humble egg, visit Radin Studio Gallery, which you’ll find tucked away in the back streets of Bairnsdale. Resident artist, Helen Radin’s fascination with eggshell art started more than 20 years ago when she began with the more traditional eggshell craft of Fabergé eggs. However she soon found the Fabergé style somewhat restrictive for her artistic abilities and developed her own unique skills using whole and broken eggs, air-dried clay, textiles and other wonderful embellishments such as gems and natural feathers. Her creations utilise a variety of different eggshells including large ostrich and emu eggs, eggs from peacocks, geese and tiny dove eggs, brought to life with embellishments with astounding results. Themes of fantasy and real life adorn the walls and cabinets of the gallery. Her most recent theme has been the crowns and tiaras of monarchs, tsars and popes of the past. Among her creations are papal tiaras, recreated with domes of ostrich eggs. Helen’s artistic talents also extend to beautiful oil and pastel paintings that line the walls of the gallery. Amegilla Gallery, Bruthen, showcases artworks by local talents including John Rojo, Yvonne Renfree, Andrea McKey, Regina Dudek, Angeline van Berkel and Peter Johnstone (left), while Radin Studio Gallery, Bairnsdale, is filled with unique eggshell pieces by Helen Radin.