Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 95 9 ! !! "9 $,(3 /42$/&( $.(- +'(3 &0. $5 * 47 .+/54( $.(- 71(2+(/&( $-0/) $34(2/ ($&* $,(3 /42$/&( 1(2$4+/) (&(.%(2 $/5$28 $2&* -0/) 6((,(/' $/' $34(2 # "! 9 80 PAYNESVILLE WATTLE POINT BRUTHEN TWIN RIVERS METUNG LAKES ENTRANCE NOWA NOWA Camel adventures Tara Lea and Russell Osborne first began offering camel rides along the 90 Mile Beach in Lakes Entrance in January 2016, immediately hitting a winner with both locals and visitors to the town. They return again for the 2018/19 season, which runs across the summer period right through until Easter. Tara and Russell are pleased that the beach safaris along Eastern Beach, at the eastern end of town, are becoming an annual venture, as they not only provide a unique activity for the area, but also educate trekkers on the magic of these ships of the desert. The couple own and operate Australian Camels, a camel trekking, training and education company. During the winter months they trek the outback of the southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia then they bring back a few of their camels to spend time at ‘home’ on the coast for the warmer months. Their company sees them travelling all over the world helping to educate people about camels and how to train them through a trust based approach. The beach safaris are a unique experience, bringing a bit of Broome in Australia’s north-west, where many travel to for camel adventures, to the Victorian coast - much more convenient for those in the south east of the country. “We love Lakes Entrance; it’s absolutely beautiful and under-appreciated in many respects,” Tara said. “We’re passionate about keeping tourism alive in the town. Our camel beach safaris are a unique experience, a drawcard for the town. It’s good for us, but also good for other businesses around town, attracting visitors with something that isn’t offered anywhere even remotely close by.” It is obvious that Tara and Russell adore their gentle giants, as they happily chat to trekkers, educating them and dispelling the myths of camels being spitting, biting creatures. “People are surprised at just how lovely these animals are,” Tara said. Russell Osborne and Tara Lea love educating people about the camels they are so passionate about.