Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 123 MARKET DAYS your market day guide for east gippsland and the lakes coast For more information or to view more events throughout the lakes coast region, visit www.east vic s All event details are correct at time of publication. For full event details or more events throughout the Lakes Coast, please visit the local Visitor Information Centres. Second Sunday of the Month continued et Village Mark h Lions Loc 1pm 8.30am - et onthaggi Rotary Mark W 1pm - 8am y - September) (Ma ublic Hall h P Loc il (October - Apr y Siding a h Railw Loc eet y Str raMur day of the Month continued ’ Mark mers ar Leongatha F 1pm 8.30am - anuary) y in J da ery Satur v(e ’ Mark mers ar hill Island F c Chur 1pm - 8am ur th Sat our F Leongatha eet, d Str arwHo et eiv Samuel Amess Dr et y) (September - Ma et er Mark w arwin Lo T 1pm 0am - 1 e-it Mark e-it, Bak onthaggi Mak W 2pm - 9am et mers Mark ar an F Meeniy 2pm - 9am et Community Mark ville Lions ynes aP 1.30pm 8am - erw arwin Lo T e, iv erside Dr Riv ev ide A McBr et an Meeniy eet, w Str Whitela ville ynes aP e, Gilsenan Reserv th Sunday of the Month d Sunda cept December - 3r x(e et Grantville Mark 2pm - 8am October only) , April, July & (January et Mark oduce r cote Seasonal P Nether Noon 8am - our F et on Chapel es Mark wCo 2pm 8.30am - e Reserv eation Grantville Recr y) wnship oT cote Nether eet Chapel Str day of the Month et oduce Mark rP Eden Local Noon 8.30am - et oducers Mark r Sale P 1pm - 8am ’ Mark mers ar om Country F rP noon 8am - ar Boot Mark h Cc Uniting Chur 1.30am 1 8.30am - ur d Sat Thir den Community Gar h,c Eden Uniting Chur ounds wgr Sale Sho oster eet, F Main Str et hc Chur nsdale Uniting Bair et et held Australia Da anuary mark (J et t Mark t Alber orP 2pm 0am - 1 mers ar iety & F arVd or Stratf 1pm - 9am y Mark ark Sunda witt P Ho 1pm 8.30am - et Village Mark yndham W 1pm 8.30am - t Hall t Alber orP y) dor ark, Stratf x P Ape et ’ Mark nsdale Bair ark, witt P Ho et yndham Hall W d Sunday of the Month et imbula Seaside Mark Mer 2.30pm 1 8am - iety Mark arV ity y Char Sale Sunda 1pm - 7am Thir uthen Community Mark Br 2pm - 9am The Glade on the imbula al, Mer vd OorF e, Sale anal Reserv C er Thompson Riv et uthen Br hanics Hall, Mec et ast Sunday of the Month et Homemade Mark magui Hand & Ber 2.30pm 1 8.30am - L cept December - 2nd Sat et th Mark Mirboo Nor (Winter) 2pm - 7am (Summer) 2pm - 8am (Ex day of the Month ur ast Sat L magui Ber ark, kinson P Dic day) thNor ark, Mirboo omi P Bar ur day of the Month et Mark ’ and Mak mers ar ville F ynes aP noon 8am - ur th Sat our F et ’ Mark mers ar h F loc ervIn 1pm - 8am e Gilsenan Reserv ’ ers Esplanade wilight Mark T anuary 4 - (J cept December) x(e et Mark ar h Community F loc ervIn 1pm - 8am Esplanade The Glade on the et) ’ mers