Lakes Coast Visitor Guide

LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE | PAGE 37 MAFFRA Travel back to life in the Seventies Skyhooks sang about it, social commentators talked about it, legal eagles still refer to it, and the question is still asked: ‘where were you in the 1970s?’ The Seventies was a decade of dramatic change, flamboyant people, and brightly coloured cars, and until the end of October, the Gippsland Vehicle Collection in Maffra will transport you back there with its latest exhibition, ‘Living in the Seventies’. This is a chance to take a fun walk down memory lane, and reminisce about how we spent our free time, the clothes we wore, the music we played, the shows we watched and the vehicles we drove. International showcase Here you can idle through an exciting lineup of 70s cars, showcasing everything from the end of the gas-guzzling ‘American yacht’ era (like the Chrysler New Yorker, pictured above), to the economical and fun Japanese cars that changed our buying habits forever. There’s also an array of brightly coloured and often fully-optioned Australian cars that were once our day-to-day transport, and are now – half a century later – highly sought after and very valuable. Motorbikes and Street Rods Motorbikes aren’t forgotten either. On display is a selection of two-wheeled vehicles, ranging from mini-bikes and dirt bikes, to the high-powered superbikes that left the British and American competition in their dust. A special part of the display is a look back at how the collectable car movement was changing too, with a showcase of Street Rods depicting the then growing trend toward modified cars. Seventies life For the generations born after the 1970’s, the exhibition provides the opportunity to giggle at what made their parents so ‘weird’! So, put on your Wrangler shirt and corduroy flares, jump in the Valiant Charger, crank up the Skyhooks, and visit Maffra’s Gippsland Vehicle Collection to rediscover what is was like to be living in the Seventies. To find out more, visit Until the end of October, Maffra’s Gippsland Vehicle Collection is presenting its ‘Living in the Seventies’ exhibition, which includes an array of vehicles from the 1970s, including this very shiny (and very beige) Chrysler New Yorker. 1A Sale Rd, Maffra $15 per adult | $10 concession | Under 15s FREE GIPPSLAND VEHICLE COLLECTION PB11835 LIVING IN THE 70s Exhibition through to the end of October 2023. MODEL WORLD MAFFRA features more than 3500 model vehicles – one of Australia’s largest public displays! Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am to 4pm, and every day in the school holidays.